Aus dem repertoire

  1. 4 Horseman (Aphrodites Child)
  2. 51st State (New Model Army)
  3. Ace of Spades (Motörhead)
  4. Ain't nobody (Chaka Khan)
  5. All the small things (Blink 182)
  6. Azzurro (Adriano Celentano)
  7. Bad (Michael Jackson)
  8. Bad Girls (Donna Summer)
  9. Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)
  10. Beat It (Michael Jackson)
  11. Best of you (Foo Fighters)
  12. Billy Jean (Michael Jackson)
  13. Blaue Augen (Ideal)
  14. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
  15. Burning it down (Linkin Park)
  16. Crazy (Seal, Alanis Morissette)
  17. Dancing Queen (ABBA)
  18. Davy's on the road again (Mannfred Mann's Earth Band)
  19. Dream on (Aerosmith)
  20. Don't speak (No Doubt)
  21. Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen (Nina Hagen)
  22. Eleaneor Rigby (Beatles)
  23. Engel (Rammstein)
  24. Enter sandman (Metallica)
  25. Fame (Irene Cara)
  26. Fernando (Abba)
  27. Final Countdown (Europe)
  28. Flesh for Fantasy (Billy Idol)
  29. Flieger (Hans Albers, Extrabreit)
  30. Gimme a man after midnight (ABBA)
  31. Give it away now (Red Hot Chilly Peppers)
  32. Goldener Reiter (Joachim Witt)
  33. Here comes the Rain again (Eurythmics)
  34. Heroes (David Bowie)
  35. Highway to Hell (ACDC)
  36. Hold the Line (Toto)
  37. Holiday (Green Day)
  38. Hot Stuff (Donna Summer)
  39. I can't stand the rain (Tina Turner, Ann Peebles)
  40. I Feel Love (Donna Summer)
  41. I was made for loving you (Kiss)
  42. In the air tonight (Phil Collins)
  43. Insomnia (Faithless)
  44. Irgendwie irgendwo irgendwann (Nena)
  45. It's so quiet (Betty Hutton)
  46. I wear my sunglasses at night (Cory Heart)
  47. Jump (Van Halen)
  48. Junge (Ärzte)
  49. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
  50. Killing in the name of (Rage against the machine)
  51. King of pain (Sting)
  52. Kompliment (Sportfreunde Stiller)
  53. Leuchtturm (Nena)
  54. Like the way I do (Melissa Etheridge)
  55. Living on a prayer (Bon Jovi)
  56. Love Cats (The Cure)
  57. Love is a battlefield (Pat Banatar)
  58. Love Song (The Cure)
  59. Mad world (Tears for Fears, Gary Jules,)
  60. Mama (Genesis)
  61. Nur geträumt (Nena)
  62. 99 Luftballons (Nena) 
  63. On the Radio (Donna Summer)
  64. Ought to know (Alanis Morissette)
  65. Owner of a lonely heart (YES)
  66. Paradise City (Guns'n Roses)
  67. People are People (Depeche Mode)
  68. Pinnball Wizzard (The Who)
  69. Poison (Alice Cooper)
  70. Pokerface (Lady Gaga)
  71. Pride (U2)
  72. Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
  73. Radio Gaga (Queen)
  74. Relight my fire (Take That, Dan Hartman)
  75. Right Now (Van Halen)
  76. Rock you like a Hurricane (Scorpions)
  77. Run to you (Bryan Adams)
  78. Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
  79. Schrei nach Liebe (Ärzte)
  80. Schunder-Song (Ärzte)
  81. Separate ways (Journey)
  82. Seven Nation Army (White stripes)
  83. Shout (Tears for Fears)
  84. Skandal (Spider Murphy Band)
  85. Slave to the rhythm (Grace Jones)
  86. Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana)
  87. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)
  88. Somebody to love (Queen)
  89. Song 2 (Woo Hoo) (Blur)
  90. Sonne (Rammstein)
  91. Sternenhimmel (Hubert Kah)
  92. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics, Marilyn Manson)
  93. Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
  94. The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
  95. Thriller (Michael Jackson)
  96. Thunderstruck (ACDC)
  97. T.N.T. (ACDC)
  98. Under the bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  99. Waterloo (ABBA)
  100. Westerland (Die Ärzte)
  101. We will rock you (Queen)
  102. Whole lotta love (Led Zeppelin)
  103. With a little help from my friends (Joe Cocker, Beatles)
  104. Word up (Gun)
  105. Wouldn't it be good (Nick Kershaw)
  106. Wünsch dir was (Tote Hosen)